Spin Figures and Talks

Taffeta phrases, silken terms precise,     
Three-piled hyperboles, spruce affectation,
Figures pedantical these summer flies      
Have blown me full of maggot ostentation.  

                Love's Labour's Lost: Act 1 Scene 1

A selection of figures and "slides" related to the RHIC Spin Project are available here as PDF, PS, and GIF files:

RHIC Spin Collaboration Meeting Talks:

Other talks:

Some talks by Mike Syphers

Other figures and measurments

Rotation matrix of Snake (GIF:190K)
Snake rotation angles vs field (GIF:90K;PS:213K)
Spin rotator rotation angles vs field (GIF:61K)
Tuning rotators for Longitudinal polarization at 100GeV: (GIF:42kB) (EPS:36kB), at 250GeV: (GIF:59kB) (EPS:34kB)

Measurements of First Snake (PDF:1M)
ZSCAN Measurements of lots of helical dipoles (PDF:1M)
    (Explanation of serial numbers)
Measurments at center of helical dipoles (tables of average harmonics)
Single snake polarization directions at 100 GeV for various ring locations.
Aerial view of AGS/RHIC Complex (JPG: 107K)

[1st Polarimeter chamber installed in Blue Ring]

[Drawing of vacuum chamber for Carbon CNS Polarimeter.]

Mangled by Waldo MacKay (waldo@bnl.gov)