Run 11 Au-Au Start-up Tasks

Basic Schedule (preliminary)

Prior to RHIC beam

Injector setup

See detailed Injector Startup Schedule
Complete RSC checkoff list prerequisite for TTB MCR, Alessi complete
Tandem beam deliver beam to TTB section 27 Tandem accomplished 4/4/11
Complete Booster RSC checkoff list prerequisite for Booster MCR, Gardner complete as of 3/8/11
Booster setup capture, accelerate, extract MCR accomplished 4/5/11
Complete AGS RSC checkoff list prerequisite for AGS MCR, Huang complete as of 4/5/11
BTA/AGS setup inject, merge, accelerate MCR accomplished 4/5/11
AGS extraction MCR accomplished 4/19/11
Complete ATR RSC checkoff list prerequisite for ATR MCR, Schoefer complete as of 4/13/11
ATR transport to W-dump MCR, Schoefer accomplished 4/19/11
Establish operational intensities exceed 1.5e9 per bunch at AGS extraction MCR ongoing

RHIC pre-beam tasks

  1. Lattice development
  2. Power supply testing
  3. Low energy modifications, if required

RHIC Start Up Mode: 3 days


Synchro Setup extract blue and yellow bunches at RHIC target frequency LLRF 1 shift
Complete RHIC RSC checkoff list prerequisite for beam beyond W-dump MCR, Drees complete as of 4/19/11
ATR transport beyond W-dump 1 shift
First turn Blue and Yellow
  • hysteresis
  • injection with kicker off (bo6-tv9 and yo5-tv9 to 1.3 mrad)
  • establish 1st turn
  • injection with kicker on / adjust kicker timing
  • establish coasting beam
  • improve optimize beam lifetime, prepare for RF capture
MCR, AP shift 1 shift
Coasting beam sufficient intensity and lifetime for capture MCR, AP shift 1 shift
RF capture captured beam, rev tick timing LLRF 1 shift
Instrumentation Setup set up with bunched beam, tunes below half integer
  • BPM
  • BBQ
  • IPM
  • Damper
  • Artus
  • WCM
System Experts 1 shift
Collision setup
  • steer for collisions
  • tune for injection of colliding beams
2 shifts

RHIC Ramp Up Mode: 3 days

Collimator setup injection with collimators inserted Drees 1 shift
Automatic orbit correction maintain orbit over diurnal drifts, etc. Marusic 1 shift
Intensity tuning maximize bunch number, intensity, store length MCR, AP shift 2 days