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Subject: Budget News from Praveen Chaudhari
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Budget News from Praveen Chaudhari

Yesterday we received some very unfortunate news that I must share
with all of you. The 2006 Federal budget looks bleak for Brookhaven.
We worked very hard this year and were successful in having
Laboratory funding restored to both the House and Senate
appropriations bills. In the conference negotiations that were
completed yesterday, however, that money was reallocated to "member
items" -- money earmarked for the needs of individual House and
Senate members. This was totally unexpected. In a typical federal
budget process, when a program has funding in both bills, it is
almost a certainty that the money will survive the conference.

While the conference bill must still go before the full Congress for
an up or down vote, that vote is expected as early as today. One
possibility is that Congress will give DOE the authorization to
reprogram funds within DOE, which could help the Laboratory.

Based on the information we have at this time, we are facing a
significant budget shortfall for FY06, potentially exceeding $20
million. The impact on the Laboratory will be immediate:

- We are again facing significant layoffs, comparable to what we saw in FY05.

- The 2006 RHIC run, originally scheduled to begin in December, will
be delayed until late in FY06. This will allow us to plan a combined
run based on the proposed FY07 budget.

I will continue to share information with you as we move forward.

- Praveen Chaudhari
Laboratory Director