Recipes for Spin Applications

Source and Linac

AGS General Instructions

AGS Instrumentation

AGS Polarimeters

  • CNI Polarimeter Operation (1-25-08)
  • CNI Polarimeter Troubleshooting
  • CNI Polarimeter Target Information (1-16-09)
  • AGS Polarization Measurement at Ggamma=7.5(6-11-09)
  • AGS Polarization Ramp Measurement on the up ramp
  • AGS Polarization Ramp Measurement on the downramp(6-5-09)
  • Vertical Profile Measurement (5-22-06)
  • E880 Polarimeter & Target

    AGS Snake Control

  • Cold Snake Instruction(1-18-08)
  • Snake Compensation Quads Instruction(4-30-07)
  • Cold Snake (&Quads) Operation Help

    old AGS Recipes (not for regular use)

  • Krisch sheets with Openoffice spreadsheet
  • Tuning Beam with Cold Snake On (1-20-06)
  • Cold Snake Cryo Instruction(4-29-05)
  • Warm snake commissioning
  • Warm snake control page