RHIC Run-11 Setup Bumps on the Road

RHIC Run-11 Setup Bumps on the Road

    Jan. 8

             WFG failed to ramp bo6-tv9 to its requested current.

    Jan. 9

             Micardo and SVD orbit correction did not work.

             BLM was unmasked during snake on setup, but probably unknown to MCR. As the snake current was brought on gradually, no quench happened.

    Jan. 10

             OptiCalc slow, it took 99% CPU time.

    Jan. 13

             Yellow injection kicker timing hardware issue. It took us three shifts to sort it out.

    Jan. 14

             BLM first turn trigger problem and log problem.

             L20 tripped many times.

    Jan. 15

             LINAC Mod8 problem from time to time.

    Jan. 16

             The orbit feedback target orbits does not include the snake bumps.

             LINAC mode8 problem continues

    Jan. 18

             111 bunch injection caused blue2 polarimeter Si 4 to have high leakage current.

    Jan. 19

             Main quad glitch on the ramp caused significant beam loss, sometimes beam abort..

             Vacuum valves near polarimeters closed when switching target in yellow.

             A bad BPM (yo8-bh4) wrong polarity) was put back online which caused confusion.

    Jan. 21

             Orbit feedback defined its separation bumps but did not use design one. Fixed by Mei and Al.

             Upstream polarimeter (outside ring) do not work.

    Jan. 22

             When correctors did not start ramp when ramp started, operation failed to abort beam but rely on BLM pulling the permit. It does not work all the time.

    Jan. 25

             LINAC Mod8 is not available for seven hours.

    Jan. 27

             No rotator ramp handy. The one produced in-situ had wrong IP4 DX magnet setting which caused DX magnet quench.

             Tape sequencer is not working properly when dealing with two ramps. Copy stone does not work as expected.

             Collimators were at wrong settings, which caused beam dumps.

    Jan. 28

             Orbit feedback pushed vertical orbit off by 1.6mm which caused heavy losses at collimators and beam induced quench. Six hours recover time.

             Due to the bug in the RhicLossThreshold, it can save/change setting without warning. The BLM events were all masked and did not pull the permit for the ramp which caused beam induced quench.

    Jan. 29

             Vacuum vavles at polarimeters were closed during polarization measurements and dumped beam.

    Jan. 31

             corrector P/S problem in RHIC holds the operation off for eight hours.

    Feb. 5

             Start seen emittance growth in blue.

    Feb. 7

             AGS RF cavity water leak, need ring access.

             AGS warm snake power supply failures, five hours lost.

             RHIC blue dump kicker noise problem.

    Feb. 8

             RHIC blue dump kicker noise problem.

    Feb. 9

             RHIC blue dump kicker noise problem.

    Feb. 11

             RHIC blue dump kicker noise problem(was fixed at the end of day).

    Feb. 14

             RHIC cryo power distribution system failure. Lost 14 hours.

    Feb. 16

             RHIC PASS system communication problem. Lost 5 hours.

             RHIC LLRF problem. Lost 7 hours.

    Feb. 17

             RHIC LLRF problem affected rotator setup efficiency and beam intensity in RHIC (limited to less than 1.2*10^11).