AGS Ramp Polarization Measurement on the Downramp Recipe

Haixin Huang

June 7, 2013




 This recipe describes how to take the polarization ramp measurement on the downramp.




0. Ask Operation Support to replace the upGCC to downGCC from second floor cable room.
1. Open a xterm. type
ssh cnipol3 -l mcr
cd ado
cp new_set.ini.downrampH=8 new_set.ini

2. Switch PPM user to proper user (currently, AGS user1) on pet/AGS/Polarized_protons/CNI_target. The insertion and retraction time should be correct for this user already(Insertion: 1600000, Retraction: 282000). If not, change the insertion and extraction of target timing. Near the bottom, change the insertion "Delay from source" from 95000 to 1600000 (note how many zeroes!); change the extraction "Delay from source: from 1820000 to 2820000.
3. take a target scan to find target center. Use value 190000 as Center Position on the target scan page. Note: the peak position could be very different from flattop target center.
4 Change Num Events to 80 millions.
5.take ramp measurement. Do target scan after four or five measurements.
6. after the needed measurements done, reverse steps 1 and 2. namely:
Open a xterm. type
ssh cnipol3 -l mcr
cd ado
cp new_set.ini.Harmonic8 new_set.ini

Answer yes when prompted for confirmation.
7. change Num Events to 40 millions
8. Ask Operation Support to replace the downGCC to upGCC from second floor cable room.
10. Switch PPM user back to user4 on pet/AGS/Polarized_protons/CNI_target.