AGS Polarization Maintenance Tips


Currently, the AGS polarization transmission is about 85% for the intensity around 2*10^11. For 80% source polarization, we expect 68% polarization. We should make sure polarization above 65% before filling. Here are the list of things required for high polarization:
1. JQs are on (check pet page and/or GPM).
2. 9th harmonics zigzags are less than 1mm after 300ms.
3. sin9v is high enough at 572ms (typically it is around 4-5mm).
4. Empirically, cos9v seems want to stay lower(less than 0mm) around 572ms.
5. Vertical damper is on at COS mode.
6. Vertical IPM reports flattop emittance with RF on around 20pi at the minimum value. The values fluctuate on flattop (580-1600ms). 20pi is for the minimum value in this time region.
7. Source polarization is around 80% or higher. If it is low, then use the factor 0.85 to scale the expected AGS polarization.
8. Vertical tune should be high at 0+(262ms, ~8.987) and at 36+(571ms, ~8.991). An archive from April 6 named "extraction GOOD" can be loaded as last resort.
9.Cold snake current: 238A for helical, 152A for solenoid, 7A for T1.
10.Compensation quad setting should be the default funcitons, too.