AGS Sweep Polarization Measurement Recipe

Haixin Huang

Feb 3, 2017




 This recipe describes how to take the polarization sweep measurement at flattop.




Take sweep measurement is much easier now. You just select "Profile By Sweep" type in the Target Measurement tab n AgsPolarControl. However,please make sure the target insertion time is 500000 in the Polarizedproton/CNI_target page. Make sure you view it on the correct AGS user.
The only potential problem is the target drift over time so that the target does not cross the whole beam anymore. This can be seen from the middle plot in the color plot: if the grey plot (beam profile) has a sharp drop on the right side, it means that the target does not cross beam during the data acquisition window. The cure is to use CNI_target pet page to reset the target rotary position:
1. Open the CNI_target pet page. Change PPM to the current user.
2. Click DirectHome button on the Y(rotray) column.
3. Select Rotateout on the X(linear) colun and move the target to the rotateout position.
4. After you are done with sweep measurement, switch the measurement type on AgsPolarControl back to Fixed Target mode.