The CNI polarimeter target information: (April 5, 2017)
Please note that the nominal targets are shorter than before. Vertical target 5 is NOT regular target.
Vertical target1 (right top) 50 micro-meter 88mm
Vertical target2 (left top) 125 micro-meter 96mm broken
Vertical target3 (right bottom) 50 micro-meter 88mm
Vertical target4 (leftt bottom)50 micro-meter 88mm broken

Horizontal target1 (right top) 75 micro-meter 88mm broken
Horizontal target2 (left top)75 micro-meter 88mm
Horizontal target3 (right bottom)125 micro-meter 88mm
Horizontal target4 (left bottom)125 micro-meter 88mm broken

From observation after the vacuum valve incident, there are two targets left on each axis.