Instruction on Tune Jump Quad Control  Haixin

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There are two quads located at I5 and J5. Each one has it's own HV and LV power supplies. So we have FOUR functionEditor interface pages for voltage control. They are located at StartUp/General/FunctionEditor/AGS/TuneJump/ with names self-explained: J5LowVoltagePS, J5HighVoltagePS.... One has to select the functions from Setup/Process_group first. Then you can load the functions from the File/Open/Library.

There is one more function editor function to control the timing of the tune jump: MasterTiming.

0. The functions for all four voltaege control are called Bob3. The default file name for MasterTiming is EndAt450ms_Bob3a. There is no need to change this file.
1. The function is selected from SetUp/Process_Group/AGS/TuneJump/I5(J5)Low(High)VoltagePS.
2. Then from File/Open/Library to select the files to load.
3. To run the tune jump quads, first load the proper functions in all five function editors and click MakeLive for each one of them.
4. Then you can turn on the power supplies from pet pages(I5 and J5 have their own pet pages). To turn on the power supplies, one has to open the pet page from the High Voltage function editor by click the pet page button. From there, click the button next to stateS-> to select On (turn it off uses the same button, and should select StndBy). See example of the pet page from below.

The tune quad currents can be monitored by click on the GPM button. There are two of them. The full precision one gives 10 micro-second resolution but it is slow. Following two GPMs are for low voltage and high voltage P/S, respectively. The most useful signal is the current.

To Monitor the temperatures of these magnets, one can use the GPM to monitor the temperatures: GPM/Ags/Polarized_protons/PowerSupplies/TuneJump/TuneJumpMagTemps.mon. The temperature rise of 20 degrees is normal.

To turn off the power supplies: from the High Voltage pet page select Stby. CAS needs to be informed to lock out the power supplies at the end of the use.